personal history
Shuichi Masuda

Sounds of machines humming, sea of fabrics, tailored garments created.
Shichi Masuda grew up in his parents' sewing factory,in a small town surrounded by mountains topped by ocean of trees. watching cloth turning info apparel was magical to him.

Longing to be a creator himself, Shuichi headed to Nagaoka lnstitute of Design, in Niigata.
Here, he encountered the art of metal casting. Mesmerized by their textures and weight; the metals seem to express, the images his mind created.
Shapes of mystique allure in physical form.
Creating pieces from fusions of metals, reminded him of the magic he felt as a child in the sewing factory, and excited his curiosity to explore more.
Working in the world of metals, brought him into an unparalleled plane of excitement and creations.

Many of his creations takes the form of a ring grande.
It began with a long ago dream, in which he sees a theme park on the palm of his hand. Vivid visions of a floating roller coaster, shiny apparatuses, and an invisible castle made a storong impact on Shuichi. 250 pieces are required to complete a single story. Tha would take about 20 years to complete, but for the creator (artist or Shuichi ?) it would be a fun-filled 20 years!

Viewers of Shuichi's expressions of 'fun' can 'experience' living in his drem world. Albeit owning one or not, the impression remains in minds and hearts of the viewer.
Stretch your right arm. Close your left eye.
Buildings, sceneries, anything will make a ring, once it's placed on the right index finger. That's his inspiration,he says.

  Solo Exhibition
2009 story's#1/Cross Road GalleryEMiyagi
2010 story's#2/Gallery MOTOMACHIEYokohama
story's#3/Cross Road GalleryEMiyagi
2012 story's#4/CASAICOEAomori
story's#5/Cross Road GalleryEMiyagi
2014 story's#6/Cross Road GalleryEMiyagi
Art exhibition
2013 Salon Business Art/Espace Pierre Cardin France
2014 Art international Zurich 2014/Switzerland
2015 Neo Japonism/Tahiti
Art international Monaco 2015/Italy
Milan Expo/Italy
Group Exhibition
2003 Ultra-metal Exhibition/Niigata
  Kuzu Exhibition/Niigata
2004 Treasure Chest Exhibition/Niigata
2008 AC11/Tokyo
  Love letter Exhibition/Sendai
2009 Tanagokoro Exhibition/Tokyou
  Meguro 10Jyou Craft Fair/Tokyo
2010 Tokyo Exhibition/Tokyo
2005.2006   Sendai Art Annual
2007.2008   Kahoku Craft
2008   Tohoku Moden Craft/Governor Award
2009   Japan New Craft/Incentive Award
2014 The Hermitage Museum"world artistic heriage Artist"
2015  Milan international Art Award