The Station on Dunes

Timetable has no destination, just a star chart.
- NWN 60° -
It's probably near Cygnus over the Milky Way.
Last week, it was near Cancer opposite to Polaris...Suddenly, I'm surrounded by perfection - a starry sky!Found Cygnus, my destination - tonight.
Out of the darkness, a distantlocomotive approaches, spewing silver smoke from its chimney...

   size: 30cm×23cm×5cm    
The Cloud Factory

The Cloud Factory high up in the sky, produces Clouds - utilizing the emotions reaped below from the ground.Today, it's operating…as usual.Western Solitude, Loneliness in a dreary room.Eastern Cynic, Emptiness, trusts no-one.Northern Misery, Permanent farewell to loved ones.Southern Despair, children without dreams and hopeless future.The Cloud Factory absorbs the sadness, produces the rainclouds, and washes the dark emotions away.

silver/ pinksilver/ brass

The Station Watchtower is a popular place for groups to meet.
On my way, to catch the first train I noticed a suitcase next to the bench.It wasn't the first forgotten item, I've noticed left behind.  Maybe twice before ?The first time was a map with markings in red ink..The second time was a bag of precious stones and a strange complex scale of sorts.I believed that they belonged to the same owner.So curious to discover who the person was, but the timely train would not wait.  So I had to go.
silver/ watch
Two Way

In his penthouse apartment on the 7th floor, sits a rather oversized table in the middle of the room.  He must have been working.  It is more organized than I expected.He left a map, a compass, two pieces of pinky sized stone – one green and the other  red, and an odd shaped scale.On this map of unfamiliar landscape and language, he added numbers and lines.A ray of light enters the gloomy room, reflects on the red stone.Curious, I picked it up, and then, suddenly I caught in a corner of my eye, a small movement.  I picked up a green piece, then again it moved.  This time for sure. I had no clue of how it was working, but movements of those stones were making the scale teeter.


The Device

I understood that two axis on the device had something to do with orbit and rotations of the stars.  It does not move at all during the day.  In the past few days it was raining at night, and it did not move at all during the night either.The weather cleared tonight.  It gets darker, before you notice the first star.  By the time North star appears above the horizon, millions of stars will rejoice in the sky.  Tonight we will have a starry night.The device that no one knows how to use, is still in a toolbox filled with junk.But tonight it slowly starts rotating, without being noticed by anyone –after the children went to sleep.

silver/ brass

There is a hidden door at foot of the castle. Upon entering, a long spiral staircase leads to the top.Seven large chandeliers light the way. But they seemed at first useless, as the castle isemptyof mortals. I climbed the stairs halfway, then took a break.  So very dark, that I could not even check the time.  It must have been close to noon.  Suddenly, a ray of light strikes through atiny hole on the ceiling.  It reflects on the first chandelier, then relays from one to the others in a row, filling the staircase with a rainbow of prism lights!
   size: 65×43×160 (mm)    


©shuuichi masuda